Tuesday, February 14, 2017

$10 ott lite....

well just a "shade" over $10  (ouch...terrible pun)....but with shorter days, found more light was needed in the sewing corner.  with a budget on life support opted for Plan B....local thrift and a $2.99 lamp and 99 cent shade, then to joann's for an ott-lite bulb (on sale 50% off) which made it $7.50 and voila!  ott-lite brightness for a pittance.  

this isn't the first time went this route.  my mom had a floor lamp ott-lite that finally died.  without funds to get a pricey new lamp, just bought the bulb and used it in a lamp she already had on her chair-side table....worked perfect!  ****  another trip to the local walk-in for (finally) antibiotics. bronchitis tad better but still energy draining and symptomatic.  one of these weeks hope to be able to function again.  ***   and what's that yellow peeking thru on the corner?   a bit of sunshiny scrappy sewing that's taking way longer than it should due to illness, but hope to reveal soon.  otherwise, girls (old viking, trudy, phoebe) are on continued hiatus--not too much longer i hope. 


  1. Smart use of resources, Grace!
    Hope you are feeling better very soon!!

  2. The Ott bulbs are great for sewing so your results are perfect. I love to save money too. Great idea.

  3. What a bright idea - no pun intended! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. That's my kind of light! Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Your new lamp is adorable, Grace, and I love the idea of the Ott bulb ... will check them out when I visit the Bel Air Md Jo Ann's. Sorry to hear you are not feeling up to par ... we have those times so we can appreciate those 'feeling on top of the world' days. You gotta love our Maryland weather this winter after seeing what is happening at your old stomping grounds! Keep that stitching going.....there is sew much to do!

    1. you are so right about the weather here...i am really loving it....

  6. Now, that's a bright idea indeed! Thanks for the tip, Grace.
    And the "crystal" lamp is very pretty. Hope you're feeling better.