Tuesday, January 17, 2017

rainy day sewing

it's cloudy, drizzly and rainy here today but so happy no white flakes...not a one!  so far winter hasn't really arrived...at least for this recent transplant from very snowy new england!   ideal weather to sew, starting with the church group this morning, and this afternoon doing this...

two rows of the farmer's wife are together and even though the background fabric isn't really striking, it does allow the blocks to stand out.   six more of these vertical rows and it'll be an official flimsy....even at this stage it does represent a significant amount of sewing, all paper pieced of course.   and then couldn't help but sew a few of these together....

these will also be on point with no sashing; not sure how many of the blocks will be used but probably not all as there were LOTS of them sewn.  this was a really fun and educational sew along and hopefully the flimsy will be available for preview soon...by the time february rolls around, hoping both of these tops will be done.   this means a basting day is somewhere in the future, after some backs are obtained.  with oodles of things to finish, try and make some progress every day....


  1. Your consistent, daily efforts really pay off. You make great progress on your UFOs!

  2. Very foggy and drizzly here,strange weather for South Dakota. Wish I could see with you.