Friday, January 13, 2017

and blocks are done!

sew along #2 now complete...just remaining are the farmer's wife blocks and flimsy....the westering women will be used for a charity lap robe and out of here soon.

and pet peeve of the day??? command hangers....since march, have now had to replace 5 of these overpriced and poor quality hangers.  a 1# hook insufficient for an 8 oz clock?  really....very bad item 3M......scotch tape is good but these hangers are lousy.....thankfully there are alternatives....shudder to think how much these cost and have ended up in the trash....but all is well now and back to the old viking for more sewing fun!


  1. You are a speed demon! I adore this color combination. Sorry about the hangers, but at least you aren't throwing out fabric!

  2. A very striking color combo.
    You are really churning out the finishes!!