Monday, October 10, 2016

monday design wall

well, not really the wall but the latest of the 365 blocks sewn saturday while up to september 22nd and just a shade off 3 weeks to catch up....this week's project!

sunday spent at church, doing some cooking and then off to a covered dish/music evening....i never met a pot luck dinner that wasn't delish and this was no exception.   rarely go out sunday evenings as it's the best night of the week for PBS, but with Poldark on hiatus seemed like divine intervention.  having decided who gets my vote a long time ago, avoid any debates, insult-slinging, candidate bashing.  like many, wish there were better choices.....


  1. I really like that black/purple/green block!

  2. thanks...didn't intend for it to be soo halloweeny...

  3. Pretty blocks, Grace! I'm so proud of you for keeping up on your challenges. Potluck sounds like fun!