Wednesday, October 12, 2016

what housework?

indeed; that's what i say too...not that the apartment is dirty, but needs some tidying, plus vacuuming and swiffering a couple of small floors, but hey, i can do that anytime, right?  after a solid night's sleep, up at 4:30 am to breakfast, read, catch the weather, followed by a short nap and then sew!  managed to complete 5 more little blocks....

and the day is still young!   so might even knock off a few more before the sandman hits town.   only a mere 16 blocks to get current, but if i can get 5 more done today, could catch up by.....monday maybe?   thursday, friday, saturday and sunday are all scheduled....making up for summer's hibernation!  ***  autumn is so gorgeous here in the mid-atlantic....and no frosty car windows yet either....and no, i don't miss maine family and fresh seafood is all...and maybe marden's?   *** speaking of shopping, visited capital quilts in nearby gaithersburg the other day...the shop has doubled in size since my first visit 5 or so years ago and they have added bigger classroom space, a longarm room, lots of fabric and another bathroom....well worth the addition for slowly finding my way around to quilty places for when i run low on fabric...LOL!


  1. There is no time for housework when there is quilting to be done! Just remember, it is like eating your dessert first!

  2. You are being so diligent to catch up with these blocks. And I can see that they aren't simple and quick to make. I am impressed.
    So glad you are happy in your new setting. Very nice gift you sent to Vic! : )

    1. thanks....anything red is good for

    2. I totally agree, anything red is great, hee hee!Your blocks are all pretty but that red tulip on the very dark background is especially lovely.

  3. You're doing excellent work on those blocks Grace...
    I'm up every morning by 4:30, sometimes earlier. I put the coffee on, pick up the kitchen if it needs it & then down to the basement I go. Best time of the day.

  4. keep going you will be caught up soon..........