Monday, June 27, 2016

monday design wall...

this wasn't the only sewing i got done this weekend, but would you believe this little block took more than 2 hours to assemble?  whenever it calls for 1-inch squares and strips, i know it's going to be complicated.  it's called 12 crowns and spent most of the 2 hours wondering if i was really committed to this project or not....but now that it's done, will probably stick with long as can fit in my busy schedule of mostly unimportant stuff.   ***  and just like that another weekend has passed and it's monday.  my week to-do list is pretty vacant right now but could change.  during new england winters, plans are always contingent on weather, and so it is here during the summer...but to escape icy and snowy roads, the smart trade-off for me anyway.....*** so block june 11th is next; just a week to get current....can it be done?  will certainly try....***  my daughter is a nurse and she started working at a day camp for disabled children is her passion and she is ecstatic they called her back again this year...she glows with the unconditional love they give her, and they bloom with the attention and love she showers...if only she could find a permanent job like this--would fill a void in her life and be an asset to those in her care....oh aladdin!


  1. Wow! Are you saying this is only 6"? Wow!

  2. You are in inspiring! I'm still in January. Great job!

  3. That is a very intense block--and you say it only took you 2 hours to assemble? Wow, I am impressed!
    Wish your daughter the best! As a grandmother of a disabled child, I know it means a lot to have people working with them that love what they are doing!

    1. thank you janet....there is a character in "finding dory" named rebecca so she is prepared for a lot of teasing from