Friday, July 1, 2016


had to take a mini break from 365 and basting to sew up these 2 blocks for a guild project.  dug into scrap bins (thank you bonnie!), which made it a much quicker task. 

the goal was a dedicated black center square and then whatever that would be fitting for a quilt for a male recipient aka no pink/flowers etc.  these use 2.5" and 1.5" strips, soooo will file pattern away for possible future project, hoping to deplete some of those scraps.   ***  i peeked ahead to the july 1st block and it's back to 3" darks, well once i finish the june blocks that is...and with all this sewing thought it would be interesting to collect empty spools since january 1st and here is what that looks like....most of these were full, brand new spools so this is proof that there has been a lot of sewing at casa frederick and before.  

 and remember this little list of goals? 

1.  name badge for guild 
2.  finish my kaffe wallhanging  ****
3.  baste "milky way masquerade"
4.  catch up on "365"
5.  stay current on "farmer's wife sew along"
6.  at least 2 lap quilts for guild charity project
7.  finish pink virginia reel
8.  finish midnight garden
9.  cut out 2 schnibbles using on-hand layer cakes
10. sew up pair pajama shorts ****

well 2 got completely finished; the name badge is half done, the virginia reel ready to baste, nearly current on 365, milky way back ready, lap quilt squares cut; farmer's wife, midnight garden and schnibbles not there is room for improvement here...


  1. LOVE the saying about too many! And my goodness that was a very long list. You've done so many of your goals; be proud! Those interlocking squares look tricky.

  2. I like that block design.
    You have accomplished an awful lot of those goals. I think you should be proud. : )
    Great saying!

  3. Grace, I have to echo Vic and Janet's comments on your accomplishments and the great saying! The interlocking block is intriguing and looks like it would be a great block for a man's charity quilt my group makes. Would you mind sharing the source of the pattern? Thanks, and have a great 4th of July! Annie

    1. happy to share it's a judy martin pattern, found on called celtic careful tho, the blocks are quite addicting!

    2. Thanks, Grace. Judy Martin has a tendency to create addictive quilt blocks. This one looks good for our group though, and simple if we just follow directions. Appreciate it!

  4. I agree that the blocks are intriguing and visually very effective. Great choice of fabrics Grace.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Love your blocks! I tried going to the site you posted but it's not coming up. Just wondering if anyone else is having that problem.

    1. I found it at Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the blocks? What is the pattern name?

    Awesome job on the sewing and empty spools. I've been seeing a lot more this year but I don't seem to be emptying spools.

    1. celtic squares...judy martin pattern...well i thought i was sewing a lot and the empty spools just confirm it...2 big sew alongs...365 and farmer's wife...

  7. Oh, I like those linked blocks!