Tuesday, May 10, 2016

it's a plan!

remember all those little bow tie blocks was hand piecing a while back?  well, have come up with a plan on how to finish them.   making larger blocks of 16 bow ties along with the plum sashing and 4-patch corner squares....total of 12 larger blocks will be made and then perhaps a border of single file bow ties around the top--the plan is still in flux for borders--but with a plan can now work on assembling and see how many more will be needed.   *** and those little friendship stars?  a while back I was in a swap for some.  when the doll quilt came up, thought I might make more to use for the doll quilt, but due to moving and unpacking, luckily found a small quilt that was ideal and so the pieces for the stars got set aside, until yesterday that is.... and egad, the next FWS block was released but am going to hold off and tackle 365 today.....cloudy and rain continues albeit with warmer temps....have heard that once this weather pattern changes, we will be into the hot so enjoying the cooler temps in spite of no sun.  hey, as long as it isn't snow I can work around it....now go out there are sew something! 


  1. Really liking your plan with the bow ties! So color rich!!

  2. Nice plan! So glad to see you are enjoying your sewing time!