Monday, May 9, 2016

design wall monday

nice to be able to participate once again in DWM....this weekend (sat/mon) got all up to date with the FWS blocks....was getting aggravated with so many small pieces--the paper pieces were creating lots of bulk that was skewing my piecing, so on the last one (bottom) decided to pull out papers unit by unit, thus giving me a better result.  now on to 365, which is SERIOUSLY in arrears.  *** hope all had an enjoyable mother's day, I know I did...and the weather gave us a treat of a sunny, breezy day but rain and clouds are back today.  no matter, makes great sewing weather!  


  1. Those are some beautiful blocks, girl! I keep taking your house tour again because there is so much to see. I am honored that you still like the "Sew Blessed" sign and showed it, yeay!

  2. Those look like really involved blocks, but you conquered them! Good job. : )
    Glad you had a good Mother's Day!