Thursday, March 17, 2016

throwback thursday

while doing some file housekeeping of the laptop, saw this photo taken at the gerald roy exhibit in NH a few years ago and wanted to share with you.  it's a pattern that has caught my eye recently and might be a future project.

in the meantime, just about ready to start binding on the summer sampler, so should be a soon finish.  no new stash and it's getting easier to delete those fabric sale emails.  of course, all bets are off when at retreat later this!   no green beer in my day's agenda, just some block sewing and quilting, which is way better in my mind.  wouldn't turn down a green bagel o' the morning to you!


  1. Really like the quilt. It would be fun to choose one outrageously interesting print to be the setting squares.
    I'll settle for potato soup--and a green salad. : )

  2. That was a wonderful exhibit with fond memories!

  3. Wow! Nice quilt! I've pinned it for a future project....thank you!