Thursday, March 17, 2016

luck of the irish?

even though i am not personally of irish descent, perhaps some of the luck of the leprecaun was with me today.  2 months ago the binding for the summer sampler was cut and rolled for today, when it was time to pin it on.  now, binding is something i almost never measure, rather cut by eye and add a bit for insurance.  so wasn't worried as i started pinning it on, and then this happened...

got to the end of the binding, which fit perfectly except for these 2 little ends...that's all that was left.  would never happen again in a million years no doubt, but today, thanks to those leprecauns maybe, i was a happy quilter.  now off to finish and cross off a UFO!


  1. This was your lucky day, for sure!!

  2. Your lucky day for sure -- that only happens once in a lifetime so maybe you'd better measure now :-)