Friday, February 26, 2016

big and little

spent a day catching up on sew along blocks and it was spooky to go from sewing these little blocks--

photographed on my one-of-a-kind green towel ironing board--to february's edition of "westering woman" from barbara brackman....

a 400% jump in size.  for a bit there, thought i had cut the blocks wrong as i have been known to do on occasion, but no, they were ok.  also pulled out my leader/ender mod tumblers, a sometime project.  not making a huge something with these, but the colors are so wow that had to play with them.  thinking might end up with a small tabletopper or placemat.  and, to nobody's surprise, have lined up a new scrappy project that has been on my "someday" list.  it's a double wedding ring scrappy and will do this as my next leader/ender OR might just cut pieces and shoebox them for october retreat.  it would be a good project for easy sewing while catching up and ogling others' sewing.  another project that i'll be taking along is the "stars in a time warp" as i have decided on a setting, and might also bring along the farmer's wife blocks too.  only making the twin size with 84 blocks, so most if not all will be done.  *** our see-saw winter weather continues with today being just right for late february, but am missing yesterday's temps in the back to regularly scheduled sewing!

PS--thanks for your comments on my cats; i wasn't fishing for compliments, only that i am my own worst critic sometimes...


  1. Whoohoo, that IS a big jump in scale, but they look terrific! You are so right that this is a see saw winter with mud one day and deep freeze the next. My mini tumblers cut-pile grows but I haven't sewn any yet.

  2. That is a pretty dramatic change!
    Excuse me, but did you really just say that a double wedding ring would be easy sewing? I don't know if that says more about your sewing skill or mine! : )

    1. this will be my 3rd do get easier!