Saturday, February 27, 2016

a yard-ish slip

wouldn't you know, desperately needed some template plastic.  all those joann texts and e-mails didn't help.  before i knew it, there i was--with my coupons, no less.  found the template plastic, but succumbed to browsing and these were on the red tag table....plaids!

was really looking for material for pajama shorts that are needed (the flamingos!) but oh the plaids!  so, 1/4 yard of each was quickly cut, along with this mod pink for my little snail trail piece.  despite being overcome by guilt, was fondling them later and spied the date on the selvedge...2012?   yes indeed, 2012!  no matter, these are lovely diagonal plaids that'll go nicely with my current stuff and a plaid quilt on my someday name is grace and i AM a fabricholic but got my fix today, yippeee!  now it's back on the wagon....

1 comment:

  1. At least they were on the red tag table. You can justify a lot of things with that thought, can't you? : )