Sunday, January 24, 2016

finally a finish!

just this morning took the last stitch in this table topper for my mum, all gifted fabric and only purchase was the batting...not much stash busted but gives me a finish and off the UFO challenge queen's throne!  as far as this week's stash report goes.....well, needed half yard of kona snow to finish something, accidentally ordered a yard and THEN a sticker on my package said i hit the jackpot and got the end of the bolt!  how revolting!  any other time it would have been a welcome bonus but not this year--ended up even steven as the wallhanging busted about 1.5 yards and the kona snow was that.  so final tally....

stash used:  1.5 yards (not official)
stash added:   1.5 yards kona snow

i'll do better next month, a promise i'm making to me!


  1. ha, you're too funny. very nice little quilt for Mum.

  2. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Good job on the stash and the quilt, you are a big winner all around.

  3. Grace, nice finish. Coming out even at the end of the month is pretty goo, I think.

  4. Sweet little quilt for your Mom, Grace.
    Isn't that funny that you hit the jackpot just when you DON'T want to! : )