Tuesday, January 26, 2016


air temp and water temps equal at about 40 so a seaside excursion was in order!  the nearly high tide revealed jonas ' last gasp with the water up over the rocks and onto the narrow street in places.  only a few gawkers like us ventured along the shore road.  the onslaught of seaweed is seen from previous high tides.  the water looked perfectly sea-foam green in the partly sunny sky and was quite rough with high waves in places.  hated to postpone my day's sewing but was glad for the sea air was quite invigorating and a nice change from too-dry house air.  after lunch, communed with phoebe (and still am) sewing the 9-patches into a flimsy and cutting HSTs for the sawtooth border.  glad for the respite from frigid air with the realization that winter is half over and the joy of lengthening daylight! 


  1. Amazing how fast it goes when the temps are above 40! Stay dry and quilt!

  2. Didn't realize the effects of Jonas were felt that far north.
    The ocean shots are stunning!

  3. Beautiful photos, the windows are open just a crack but open nonetheless, the bees were out yesterday for "cleaning" flights, glad to see they made it this far but winter is not over yet ........I will put a log or two on the fire so the fresh air won't cool the house too much. Hoping to get a little bit of time at the sewing machine later or at least some quilting on a very late Christmas project.