Sunday, September 25, 2016

saturday sewing....

woke up to downright CHILLY air but ooooh so refreshing!  did a bit of sewing yesterday to show....first up "carolina" block for farmer's wife....

think there are about 17 left to do on this sew along....then came christmas!  might rename this "cotton candy christmas" because of the colors....

still haven't swapped out the blah green one, but it's a work in progress....although i love that michael miller print, am finding it is really difficult to work with in a project like this....may end up redo on more of these than i'd like....or maybe stick to the red and green solid?   or keep it as an example of color gone wrong?  but this next piece came out just right!

with pumpkins aplenty floating all over facebook and yahoo, jumped right in and sewed up this little piece.   the triangle units and stars were already on hand from previous swaps, so an aha moment reminded me to use them up!   the flash on the camera shows this lighter than actual, but not as dark as the pattern, which was more'll get hand quilted and displayed with other fall theme items....i toyed with the idea of more string type pumpkins, but time didn't permit.  ***  and now that housework is done, time to tackle 365 and maybe a pot of soup....sounds good!


  1. Cute pumpkins! Yes your green just screams look at me doesn't it. Good luck with your decision.

  2. Wow! that Carolina block looks challenging. Great work. Oh, and I just Love Pumpkins, yours are just Darling. Love the pattern.

  3. I love the Carolina block! The pumpkins are just too cute! Wendy at

  4. Love your projects.......looks like a cool, productive day for you, you even got housework done! According to the Singer sewing manual you were supposed to have the housework done and lipstick applied, amoung other things, before sewing, LOL!

  5. Your Farmer's Wife block appears quite tricky.
    Love the name you have chosen for your Christmas quilt. If you want the block designs to stand out, I think your solid red and green do it best, but the other ones are still pretty, the way they kind of melt into each other.
    Oh, LOVE those pumpkins!! : )

  6. Pretty pumpkins and I love the semi-primitive look of it!