Wednesday, September 28, 2016

bit o' basting

you've seen this little flimsy before but now it is officially basted and ready for quilting....also basted my cabana daydreams quilt top up is the peacock garden wallhanging....

and two more blocks for farmer's wife are done and in the pile...

i'm keeping up with the posted blocks but also went ahead and printed out a few others to see if i can wrap up this sew-along.   sure do like paper piecing for getting those points sharp! and it looks like 90 degrees is pretty much history.   loving the cooler temps and mild breezes....poor vic said there was frost in NH and my sister had to scrape frost off her windshield the other day....not here!!!

mr. jack is back in view!   he has forgiven me for keeping him in storage and out of sight for too many autumns.  fortunately is no worse for wear from those horrible soon as leaves started falling, ran right to my decorations box and set him up.  

he looks pretty good for 37 years don't you think?   cannot believe my dear daughter was in kindergarten when attended a craft club and we made these stuffed pumpkin decorations.  he seems to like the apartment and his perch atop the cable box, warm for his!


  1. That little Wild Goose Chase quilt is way too cute! How will you quilt around (through?) all of those seams? Will it be mostly ditch stitch--other than the squares formed where the triangles come together? Just curious how you plan to tackle that one. : )
    Your pumpkin friend has aged very well, and he looks very happy with his new perch.

  2. Well, the prints say 1979, but yes he surely looks good for his age. Happy spooky season.

    1. my DD was born in 1974 so you are spot on wendy!

  3. Mr. Jack is a very perky pumpkin and doesn't look his age at all. Very cheery! Love your wild goose chase, too!