Friday, March 4, 2016

scrap corner

notice the new button in the left margin?  had to join up because a scrap problem is putting it mildly.  

not all of this is scraps but undoubtedly some is; this is current state of my stash--bags, boxes and piles.  and must say feel blessed and rich to have such a problem!  once all my scraps and stash are together, will be happy to post a photo over at sarah's blog!   in the meantime, keeping them corralled as best as possible, which some days is a complete failure.  feel blessed to have such an array of fabric that fuels my creative muse every day!


  1. And you do such wonderful things with those scraps, Grace!

  2. What a gloriously intriguing photograph that makes me want to just mentally run barefoot through all your fabulous scraps!

  3. I love the picture in my mind of you trying to corral all those scraps. Who's winning?!