Tuesday, March 1, 2016

let there be light!

have been unable to quilt in the evenings due to insufficient light, so squeezed a bit of cash out of the budget to pick up these 2 items shown often on quiltville's blog.  the clamp end tucks down inbetween the corner of the cushion and works great!  this is really a replacement for a desktop one that got left behind at a motel. 

the USB light is an addition as often find myself during dark hours in the car with the laptop, so this will come in really handy.  both were needful purchases and not just impulse items.  ooh love that turquoise!  ***  march came in like a lion with bitter cold winds even tho temps are warmer than normal.  the weatherman "hinted" that winter just may be over for most of southern lobsterville, which doesn't hurt my feelings at all. 


  1. I keep thinking I need to pick up something like these, but haven't made the leap yet. I'll be interested to know how you like them.

    1. well used the clamp one tonight and working out great...gives enough light to quilt and that was the goal so...

  2. I have one of the clamp ones that I use on my sewing table, but I never thought about clamping it onto furniture! I'm here at DD's and there isn't adequate lighting here for me to work on my hand quilting (there's barely enough to work on piecing my hexies). I'll have to have DH pick up mine the next time he stops by the house and see if I can get enough lighting to do more handwork while we're here. So thanks so much for the suggestion!

  3. As ever, I admire your resourcefulness as well as your quilting talents! Cold here tonight,too!