Thursday, October 29, 2015

this week's stars....

cute little stars of sprigged muslin repro fabrics; i know, quite matchy-matchy but they'll go well with all the other stars so far.  only about 9 more weeks for this sew along, doesn't seem possible it's been nearly a year.  they do add up quickly, might have enough for 2-3 flimsies when all is said and done...and here are a few more pumpkin photos; gosh it was a lovely day and good news, warmer weather is headed our way...we will take it!

lost an antler but still a moose...

mini-monsoon here this morning before the WARM on the sewing deck are FWS blocks, more daisy chains and FLASH, forgot to list 2 UFOs...the peacock garden and the scrappy 9-patch....eeek and the year isn't over yet either!  gotta go, projects to sew!


  1. Love all,those pumpkins - such big ones! And love your star blocks.

  2. How many stars will you have? It's been fun to see how many kinds of prints there were in the 19th century, and how many of them have been reproduced. Great pumpkins!

    1. well 49 weeks and 3 per week so about 140 or so i think...

  3. A few matchy-matchy stars in the mix will just add to the overall personality.
    I LOVE seeing what creative people have done with the pumpkins. Thanks for the parade. : )

  4. Ahhh, that is the California Gold in the star block's background. So pretty and they will all look terrific in the quilt. Great gourds, too, thanks!

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