Monday, October 26, 2015

lickety split bricks

another project is in the works....having lots of fabric piled around constantly inspires me to use it.  i got this idea from a pattern in jen kingwell's book a while ago, filed it away in the "little gray cells" and have been cutting up scraps into bricks for yesterday's start.

pretty sure this one will get tied and donated.  it's my way of paying it forward for all the fabric that was so generously sent to me earlier this year.  maybe you'll see YOUR donation fabric here and know that you had a part of this gift.

sewed up a couple more daisies for the daisy chain project, which might also be a donation but not quite sure yet.  both of these are a long way from being done.  trying to keep the new UFOs to a minimum, but so far have mom's table topper, the summer sew-along, these 2 projects, the little tumblers; the little hexies--not counting the 2 current sew alongs--so that might be all so far.  the little spools WILL get quilted and finished sometime before the end of the year, and i did finish the little heart medallion piece.  here are the daisies...

no rhyme or reason to either of these, just pulling pieces out and sewing them together.  some oldies in these round pieces, see the yellow roses in the left one?  bought that about 15 years ago at the fabric place in woburn, it was a hunk of 3 yards on one of their discount tables.  at that time i was not "into" repros but i loved the fabric and still have some of it left.  fabric place was a wonderful source for good quality at good prices...gone now about 5 years but not forgotten.  got some gorgeous hoffman prints there as well....such is life...well, up early to get this week going!


  1. You are industrious! Great use of your fabric. I also have fabric stash which I am trying to use

  2. You certainly don't waste a thread of fabric!

  3. Love those daisy blocks.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. I am always impressed by the way you keep your hands busy, Grace. Both scrappy projects look very good.

  5. Good looking blocks and lots of them!

  6. Beautiful. Glad you are enjoying Jen Kingwell. She is teaching down south after Quilt Market. Next year I am going to try to take a class with her. Not so interested in techniques, but I would love to get some insight into how she selects her fabrics. Funny how we remembering where we bought a certain fabric brings back memories.