Saturday, October 24, 2015

leader-ing and ender-ing

of course i joined in with the tumbler leader/ender craze by cutting up some gifted 2.5" squares and nickels of these wow mod prints.  no project in mind, just sewin' together and see what comes about.

these are the small tumblers, 2.5" tall, the smallest i'll go. have toyed with the idea of using the rows as borders on something, but we'll see.  hoping to pull more mod fabrics out of the storage stash before finalizing anything to ramp up the variety.  but the colors, oh the colors!  might have some "daydreams" scraps left that would work in nicely.  *** another fine fall day here, on the cool side of course, but it's inevitable.  pulling out the cold weather recipes like apple crisp, new england boiled dinner, homemade veg soup, clam chowder....and a big pot of italian wedding soup is going to be next.  and the dumpling book arrived so a gathering trip to the oriental market is on the list too!  are you hungry yet?  ***  and over on facebook, the coloring diagram of the center medallion of the 365 challenge was posted.  though i have not formally committed to this fantastic, year-long, scrappy project, am mulling it over more and more.  in case you missed it, here's another look--don't mind the drool...

though i like the blues/browns, am thinking scrappy is the way to's a biggie 90" square but thinking more and more it's a challenge that can be tackled like eating an elephant--one bite at a time.  pardon me while i sharpen the incisors...LOL


  1. I'm going to be starting a tumbler quilt at retreat in a little over a week. I'd planned to do it long before Bonnie decided to make it her leaders and enders project. Mine at 3". I can't wait to see how yours turns out. That 365 challenge quilt looks fabulous ... a true challenge, but oh it'll be worth it!

  2. Eeek! too big! too complicated! too many pieces to lose in all my rubble! That's how my terrified mind works when I see that picture, LOL! Good for you to do it and you have the true grit to make it happen.

  3. Oh, you are funny, Grace.
    Yes, I am hungry, thanks to you. *LOL*
    Been stuffing a squishie for you, but nothing in it will go well with your tumblers. : )
    That 365 challenge quilt overwhelms me, too, but I admire that you want to tackle it!

  4. I love the corner blocks. This looks like so much fun. But I have yet to start my 1930's Farmer's Wife. Hopefully, this weekend!