Wednesday, October 21, 2015

old maid and coral

two latest blocks in the FWS are now done, just have to rip out the papers.  am doing this as i go along to avoid a big mess/task later on.  got my stars cut out as well which'll get sewn together today or tomorrow.  thank goodness for sewing; it's a pleasant diversion from challenges of daily grind.  but "this too shall pass," and immediately would be nice.  missing my stash and stuff in storage, not to mention winter clothing, which will be needed sooner if not later. 

in the meantime, will keep calm and sew on!


  1. The red fabric took me by surprise. I have that in yellow (kind of cheddar-ish) and brown, but I don't think I have ever seen it in red. Very pretty.
    I do hope you get to move in time to get your stuff for winter, Grace!

  2. it's a new-ish jo morton.....of course!

  3. Lovely fabrics. I too hope you get your winter things before it gets too cold.