Wednesday, July 29, 2015


today's short stack....

had to channel my inner civil war woman while making the green/red block....the green was a gift but alas!  not quite big enough for all block pieces....what would civil war woman do?  run to the nearest shop and buy more?  choose another fabric?  i think she would have dug into her stash and pulled out something that would complement the green chintz, which is a stunning print i think.  no way was this little piece getting left behind for some other scrappy the beginning of my quilty life, it's true that yardage was what came home with me; matchy-matchy was my BFF....but now that i have left the dark side (almost) and come into the light of serendipity scrap sewing, would rather shop my own stash first if possible and improvise if need be.  it's actually more fun, too!   ***   summer heat is on here like in most of the country.   we are only a few hours away from dog days of august.  in a couple of weeks it will actually begin to feel a bit like fall with cooler/drier days here and there.  hot days won't be gone completely, but the tilt will be noticeable.  but now it's a few errands and back to phoebe...summer sampler blocks await.   and this week's star print? oh lapis blue, where are you?  


  1. They look great Grace, thanks to wonderful quilters like you I too have been letting go (slowly) of the matchy matchy and enjoying the scrappy stuff! Today is a great day to stay inside and sew, I just started a spider web block from a book called Scrap Quilt by Marsha Lasher, it's put out by "A Quilt in a Day Publication".

    Oh and possibly a civil war woman might have looked to her draperies for more fabric, LOL!

    1. ROFL.....stay cool pal....oooh i just love spider web blocks...

  2. denise really bonnie hunter is supremely to blame for my new philosophy...mine and millions of others....oh and new jo morton coming out september...isabella....browns/pinks

  3. Looks good to me, Grace. Loved the comment about the draperies. : )
    I see you found a pillar print. I think that is a hard one. Not that I'm doing the blocks, but I've read others comments about that one.

  4. Just love the block Grace - well done. I've also made the journey from matching to shopping my stash and finding ways to work with what I have.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Enviable blocks and so many done, too! Stay cool, my friend.