Saturday, August 1, 2015

a lovely surprise....

from vic in free or die NH (license plate motto)....a very nice and unexpected squishy jamming my po box.  vic and i share fabric DNA, same as busy thimble, meaning we drool over the same ones...LOL!  and even one of those nearly extinct pillar!  to say i am touched is an understatement.....the care packages received have done wonders for my morale and kept me busy washing, cutting and sewing up a storm.  and having a place to sew?  priceless.. saying thanks seems so inadequate as they have all meant so much to me.  ***  it's the weekend but no real plans in the works except sewing of course....and welcome august, harbinger of autumn and overflowing farm stands.....i love 'em!


  1. What a precious and priceless gift; straight from her heart to yours. Enjoy!

  2. Yes, I concur with Mrs. Goodneedle. Grace I enjoy reading your posts, they challenge me to make better use of the english language.

    1. oops...english major escapes every now and then...

  3. Yeay! the CARE package got there for you! so glad you love the same stuff that I do!

  4. Vic does take good care of you, doesn't she. Looks like a wonderful bundle of repros!