Tuesday, November 24, 2015


sauder's recent sale offered some pretty kim diehl fabrics....love 'em but way too many from which to choose at regular retail prices, but a sale?  a few 1/4 yards added to my stash....

and 2 more FWS blocks done...patricia and patience....pinned down as papers not yet removed

and turkey day -2....small but delish dinner planned with most of usual items...our norman rockwell, big family dinner is of bygone days, but enjoyed nonetheless....


  1. Our holiday dinners are much smaller now then they use to be. But like you, we still enjoy them.

  2. Sweet fabrics from Kim Diel and glad you got nice prices, too! Those stars that you are swapping are quite beautiful and so well made, someone will be glad to get them.

  3. You scored on the Kim Deihl fabrics!
    We are having the smallest Thanksgiving at my sister's home in decades--only 11, and none of them under the age of 27. Everyone is visiting in-laws this year, it seems.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Grace!

  4. Great fabrics! It's just the 3 of us for our Thanksgiving...cozy & warm.

  5. Enjoy your cozy Thanksgiving and your wonderful new fabric as well.