Saturday, November 28, 2015

friday AND saturday

yesterday combined black friday shopping and small business saturday with a quick trip to busy thimble, my favorite reproduction quilt shop.  picked up latest issue of "quiltmania" plus a gorgeous print suitable for some broderie perse a la di ford perhaps? 

the black is a margo krager "polychrome" and the blue/white print is a cracked ice for the last week of stars...a brief respite until the 365 challenge starts with farmer's wife sewing along continuing.  other than some christmas prints at joann's, that was the total shopping haul.  spent plenty of time online drooling at terrific sales on moda FQ bundles though, but passed them by. 

today just relaxing hoping to ward off a cold, hoping to sew on sunday with bonnie and quilt-cam and enjoy thanksgiving dinner part 2....


  1. Really nice fabric selections, Grace! That Mary Koval polychrome is a winner for sure! Usually I don't care for "Christmas" fabrics, but you found really pretty ones! Good deals all around!

  2. Must be nice to be so close to Cyndi's shop, though if I was that close I would always be broke! : )
    Those are some good Christmas fabrics. Specific plans for them, or just liked them, so brought some home?

    1. just the cracked ice...big print for future broderie perse and the black just to add to the stash...i don't go out there too often for that very reason!