Monday, July 13, 2015

trying to catch up

though still lagging behind on both sew-alongs, have made some photo are little blocks for the summer sampler sew-along and bottom photo is a stack of stars for the barbara brackman sew-along...i have one more photo to tweak the color on and then i can post.  having so much fun with both of these, though i must say the little blocks are getting sewn up quite quickly once pieces are cut.  it's also the easier as the fabrics are on hand whereas barbara brackman chooses fabrics that are not always in my stash and have to hunt for them.  both are providing some diversion and enjoyment and that's all that matters i guess....of course, stash is getting used albeit not too much.   tonight after work started on another project using some giveaway stash recently acquired.  it's mostly civil war stuff and will make a fun project that isn't requiring any taxing math on my part.  ***  appreciate all the kind comments on recent posts about my new digs.  they are appreciated a whole lot; some of you who comment i know personally, but all kind words are equally welcome.  *** was up early this AM as it was a work day so eyelids are beginning to droop a bit.  as scarlett said, "tomorrow is another day"  and i'll add "to play in the stash"!


  1. Glad you have projects to enjoy. I can send some of pieces of fabrics if there are specific things you need that are not in your currently accessible stash.
    This is the first mention I have heard of "work" for a while. Are you at the same job you had before you thought you were moving near your daughter?

    1. filling in and helping them out a day here and there...something to do and helping the budget

  2. I'm glad you are getting to sew and relax a bit after your recent stressful situation. You have been in my prayers lately. What kind of work do you do? Just curious as I feel I have gotten to KNOW you a bit through your blog. (Which I read daily). Make it a great day!