Tuesday, July 14, 2015

scraptastic tuesday!

after a quick laundromat run this morning, got down to important stuff like catching up on blog reading and uploading photos...LOL!   over at mrs sew and sow's blog she features "scraptastic tuesday" which is perfect for this photo, some nice little 9-patch blocks made with some giveaway scraps.  simple but very vintage looking, i think.  had toyed with the idea of tackling a much more complicated project, but with current flux status, thought i should stick to something less intense.  and here is the photo of the rest of the star blocks that got made over the past few days...

these are my first set of chintz blocks....got others in the works.  *** a few household type tasks are on deck for this afternoon, then it's more scrappy sewing watching netflix or acorntv, which has all those british drama/mysteries usually borrowed from the library or seen on pbs.  nice to have reached a plateau of some comfort and anxious for an apartment and unpacking all those boxes...LOL!


  1. Always love a scrappy 9-patch, and I am liking the stars with that reverse value placement.

  2. If the 9ps and stars are the same size they'd look great together. Try on-point.

  3. Such pretty chintzes, good job!