Thursday, September 25, 2014

countdown begins!

phoebe is all spiffed up, ready and waiting for her road trip in 30 days, that's right, 30 days and we will be on our way!  i've made a list (of course) and check it nearly every day to make sure i am on track to getting everything done that needs it before retreat.  today's tasks?  slice up my green tomatoes for pickles, laundry, sewing on the donation quilt are the the miscellaneous stuff that presents itself in the course of any's my weekend and i've 2 whole days to get some serious sewing first, fun later! 


  1. YAHOO!!! Only 30 days? Wow, that's great! Phoebe's a sweetie!

  2. You are always so organized--I guess that is why you seem to get so much done. Happy countdown! : )