Monday, September 22, 2014

the (quilty) circle of (fabric) life

the lady of the lake swap squares are done and will soon be on their way, only to return in a similar but different form.  this is part 1 of this swap and am looking forward to part 2.  all measured and ironed and up for their debut in somebody else's mailbox....course, in the story of stash, nature also abhors a vacuum, so this little package arrived today....

the layer cake won in the moda love blog tour...this is sandy gervais' newest line called rambling rose...oh so delicate hues of cream, aqua, pink, taupe and chocolate with a decidedly vintage feel.  one of her patterns was also included...with the sun shining, the laundry done, a fabric frolic of sorts...what a perfect day! 


  1. "Fabric frolic"--I like that, Grace.
    Sandy's whimsical designs and warm color combos appeal to me in a way that no other whimsical fabrics do. This is a beautiful new line. What will you create from it?

    1. not sure, waiting for it to "speak" to me...LOL

  2. Hello Grace, popping over from my blog post about the Perfect Scissors. Have to tell you I am envious of your points-very well done! Look forward to seeing what yo udo with the layer cake.

    Deb @

  3. What a beautiful layer cake. Your squares looks so pretty all pressed and waiting to be shipped.

  4. Love your blocks - fabulous fabrics and fabulous points!

    Sydney, Australia