Wednesday, August 13, 2014

B minus 2 weeks

birthday two weeks from today but this early bird gift came lexington prints!  i chose 12 of my favorites but in truth, i love them all.  what's not to like!  pair these with some midwinter reds and zowie.....a simply gorgeous quilt or anything for that matter.  for many years i've been wanting to make a jack's chain quilt and these will be perfect!  and those nice hancock's people put in a color flyer for luscious batiks and kaffe fassett fabrics, so very sweet of them.  oohhh these are truly gorgeous prints and colors.  i might just have to fondle them a while before cutting into them.  let the celebrating begin!


  1. Happy early birthday, Grace! I can see why you couldn't wait for the 27th, because these are gorgeous!

  2. Had to enlarge the photo to see the fabrics better. They are beautiful. Don't know that I have seen that line anywhere.

  3. Gorgeous fabrics! Have fun fondling them!