Sunday, August 10, 2014

23 to do

first "lady of the lake" block done, only 23 more to go.  yes it DOES measure EXACTLY 8.5" so swap hostess will be happy.  using a variety of blue batiks with a WOW print.  should be a very pretty finished project i'd say.  leisurely sunday morning playing in the stash with phoebe....have 2 more little projects hope to play with today, in addition to tying the baby quilt AND some time on the hawaiian...  is this a great day off or what! aaahhh this is what i had hoped it would be like during this time in my life.  thought i might go on more quilty jaunts, but realizing that time is finite, would rather sew than browse endless shops.  if i didn't work saturdays, i probably would do more quilt shows, but won't always be this way.  for now, playing in the stash whenever i can is just right.  now go on, have a good day!


  1. Enjoy this day... may it provide endless joy! Don't you love working with batiks and the way the firm weave produces wonderfully square and stable results? Your L.o.t.L. blocks will be wonderful when joined together!

  2. Well done. I dunno if it's the photography, the light, the computer monitor or just the different way you and I see the world, but I would have called that a green fabric, not a blue one. LOL

    Wonderful to know that you're enjoying your life and celebrating it by expressing gratitude for the little things. Inspirational.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. That is a very pretty block, Grace. Love the batik you used.
    You sound quite content. That is a good thing to be! : )

  4. Now that's some pretty piecing!