Thursday, July 10, 2014

won't be long now.....

until this lovely line of fabrics is available to add to MY stash....the FQ bundle is too pricey but there are a few prints i simply must get.  what minick & simpson did for red (midwinter reds, swoon) they have now done for blues/tans....i love them!  *** it's my weekend and spending time this morning working on the JTT, yes STILL!  beach weather was a detour from getting this off my UFO list, but temps have modulated and so back on track today.  *** also on the weekend list--aside from some mundane stuff--is to possibly unpack and assemble the storage drawers my sister gave me for christmas....after all it's july and about time too!  this is going to house my UFO projects now stored in shoeboxes, then the shoeboxes can be repurposed.  i am also thinking of getting a tall cabinet for my stash to sort by color, but that will wait until the move takes place.  i'll show the storage drawers once they are together.  *** i've started my lists for retreat, what to take etc. it's coming up fast...every beach day is a day closer.  for now, though, it's back to JTT!

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