Tuesday, July 8, 2014

are you a kaffe fan?

these are duplicates that came in the mail yesterday, up for sale for $10 plus shipping from zip 04106....if you are interested, email me.  the colors are much brighter than my camera depicts; for instance, the lower left piece is bright orange....makes my internal juices zing!  how can you NOT be a kaffe fan?  my stripe collection is now complete and anxious to find a pattern for them and go to play for serious.  ****  already tuesday....today gotta spend more time on finishing "just takes 2" as i am closing in on the finish this week...how good is that? 


  1. I have a few Kaffe fabrics but not sure what I would do with them......should get these so I have more then I would probably have enough for a project! Are they FQs?

    1. they have been taken i think but if buyer falls thru will let you know