Tuesday, December 23, 2014

in the hoop!

after 2 busy basting days, the hawaiian is now ready to start quilting.  before i do, must pop in the DVD from pacific rim quilts and refresh my memory on how to start.  originally got the video a few years back and so very glad i did...it's a terrific resource on everything about making hawaiian quilts...pillows, tablerunners, wallhangings too!  *** just about ready for a family celebration...few more cookies to make, a few things to wrap and voila!  very low key as no big dinner is being cooked, rather opting for takeout with a few home cooked tidbits.  funny, years ago when there were 20-30 around my grandmother's table at  holidays, there was no dishwasher and now today with only 5 of us, we have the dishwasher!  ***  with the hawaiian at the quilting stage and a couple of machine projects on the sewing table, ready to start the new sewing year.  enough UFOs to keep me focused and plenty of fabric on hand to start new things.  that's a win/win situation for sure!


  1. Ah, quilting the Hawaiian at last! How exciting! It is so beautiful, Grace. And to think that I have seen it (and you) in person!! : )

  2. I'm very excited to see the quilting beginning on the Hawaiian. Looking forward to watching your progress, and then, of course, celebrating the finish!

    Happy Christmas Grace to you and your mom. Thank you for taking time throughout the year to spend keeping us updated on your quilting. I, for one, really appreciate it.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Oh, HOORAY for the Hawaiian! It is going to be your friend and companion for quilty pleasures for a while through the winter months. Your low key holiday plans are very sensible for enjoying the time stress free.

  4. Have you shown a full size pic of the Hawaiian. I look forward to watching your progress.