Friday, December 26, 2014

end-of-year mission

once again, the scrap basket is overflowing but before it becomes TWO overflowing baskets, going to spend some time this week cutting up the scraps and cleaning it out once again.  not to whine, but this is why i have so much stash....i cannot get to the yardage to sew with because scraps keep me busy all the time.  not complaining either as this is an embarrassment of glad i have these to sew with PLUS the stash too.  since the hawaiian is all ready for quilting, can do this side job before starting that.  not to mention it is uber-warm here in maine for late december.  high temp records were broken yesterday and even in the morning it was 57 degrees in calais, which is way up on the Canadian border.  now that is when cold returns next week, it'll be time to quilt a big quilt again.  ****  quiet holiday here....laundry and some housekeeping on the list.   dirty clothes and trash never take a holiday....LOL


  1. Wish I could have you cut up my scraps, too. The pile keeps growing and no one is attending to it. Guess that is supposed to be my job. : )
    Wow--that is warm. We were like that until this week and then it turned cold and we actually got a white Christmas.
    How nice to have a big quilt to work on just as the cold weather will be moving your way! : )

  2. What a pretty basket! My scraps go into a plastic box.
    Are you cutting for a particular project, or just into "scrap-users'" sizes?

    1. just scrap users nann....yesterday got them nearly all cut up...inchies, 2" sq, 2.5" squares, 5"squares, 1.5"strips....