Monday, March 4, 2013

waning winter

though it continues to snow, it melts just as quickly as it arrives due to warming sun and longer days.  this means spring is really on the way.  this little wallhanging was pictured in the recent "quiltmaker" mag and i just had to make it for my work cube.  thanks to the stash, there was NO shopping in the making of this project....LOL! it just needs basting, quilting and binding and i can hang it up.  *** also this weekend i started basting the batik/plum after picking up a backing.  the previously showed hoffman print of poppies just wasn't big enough.  a dash to marden's and voila!  problem solved.  **** word came from cyndi that jo morton's "blue variety" is in....i've made my list and just waiting on another paycheck and it'll be mine......yippee!   


  1. Very cute, springy wall hanging! That should brighten up "the cube". : )
    We warmed up and had rain all day yesterday and there are still several inches of snow on the ground. Today is cold again. : (
    Oh, the "blue variety" is in? I hope someone around here gets some of it in. I was so surprised when a LQS got a few bolts of Indigo Crossing.

  2. This is just adorable! Perfect spring project.

  3. Looks very "Spring Like", should brighten up your cube, LOL! You keep teasing me with the updates from Cyndi, I have been folding my stash and wonder where I would put more fabric, but I can ALWAYS find room for more Civil War Reproductions!