Thursday, March 7, 2013

simple math

so simple, even I can figure it out and that is:  0 blogging = + sewing time!  i've been busy working on this project, the scrappy indigo, and here is a peek with 3 of the borders on this side.   hoping to get it to flimsy stage soon.  picked up a mountain mist cream rose batt the other day.  someone mentioned this batt and i wanted to give it a try.  for this quilt, though, need to find one in white.  **** the batik/plum?  all tied and the binding will be cut and started today, meaning a march finish for certain.  while the big table is up, hope to get a stack of the small projects basted for summer quilting.  then it's back to autumn change, which might also get finished in march.  *** next quilty project is going to be the pineapple blossom.  that is a gift and a finish on that means it's outta here and freeing up space on my already jammed shelves.   ****  sent in my order for jo morton's "blue variety," and i've a project in mind for it already!  **** and if you haven't seen denzel washington in "flight," then i can highly recommend, but i ask you, exactly which denzel movie isn't good? 


  1. This quilt is calling to me, Grace. I love blue/white. My Mom made me a Storm at Sea in blue/white years ago. I still love it! This makes me think of that quilt.
    Pineapple Blossom up next? Great! That is such a wonderful design.
    I love Denzel Washington, but I decided decades ago to not see anything rated higher than PG. He doesn't do much that I can see. : (

  2. Love that scrappy indigo, beautiful!

  3. I agree with your simple math.......I was almost "caught up" with my scrappy star blocks then March came and I have to do 3 more! I love how you set specific projects to work on, I have been doing that but don't always stick to them......gotta try harder.

    Love the blue and white, I have one on marked in one of my magazines, maybe I should think about doing it with Jo's new "blue variety"??

  4. Your scrappy indigos quilt top is so pretty and boy, you put that together fast! Good going!

  5. I love this quilt its going to be so fresh and pretty! great job!