Friday, February 22, 2013

indigo crossing and more

this is most of what the trip to cyndi's shop came home with me.  the indigo crossing FQs, 2 jo morton FQs, 2 solid cheddar and 1 print cheddar, 2 from the "new colonies" line....not pictured is a short stack of dargate indigos, a poison green FQ, a black print FQ, a blue/cream toile FQ, and a couple of other misc pieces.  cyndi told me jo morton has yet ANOTHER line coming out april (maybe), which i've seen on the andover site.  not sure if any of those will be added to the stash or not.  as of now, the room is pretty much full so time to do some rearranging and some flinging.....and more sewing, of course!  hmm, do i really need a dresser and a bed? 


  1. Great choices, Grace. You got more of the I.C. line than I found at my LQS. Lucky girl.
    I can see that Cyndi's shop can be hazardous to your resolve not to buy too much. Maybe it is a good thing that it is too far for me to visit when I come east this Fall!

  2. all of them.