Tuesday, February 19, 2013

finished blocks

all 12 blocks for the scrappy indigo are done!  here are the 2 piles--6 of each.  i'm now working on the flying geese border and thinking about using those little bonus triangle HSTs...or not.  during quiltcam bonnie remarked about the beauty of blue and white quilts and i totally agree!  in addition to machine work, i've been quilting on the autumn change, hoping for a finish by the end of march.  **** boston commons has returned from the longarmer and is basted, waiting for quilting as well.  one day soon must put up the large folding table and tie the batik/plum and baste a whole stack of the little quilts.  i am thinking to spend one whole month finishing up the little ones some time when the weather is much warmer, which is definitely NOT february.  after our brief sojourn into spring, it's back frigid and very windy.  **** and if you read, you MUST get "gone, girl".....a completely riveting and "can't put down" book.  now back to the regularly scheduled sewing!

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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again (though it may be heresy in the quilting world), I prefer blue/white quilts over red/white quilts, though those are pretty, too. : )