Monday, April 8, 2013

no need to ask....

what else i did on's the proof.  this is probably the one time i am soooo glad we don't have a gas stove.  i turned on the back (i thought) burner, then had to run to the {ahem} facility, which is another, longer, much more unpleasant saga.  anyway, yes, i turned on the WRONG burner and quite soon the kitchen was smoky.  so glad it wasn't the cover else gordon ramsay would be, shall we say, disfigured?  i watched this series 4x on the BBC channel and loved it, so got the book; his other shows don't interest me because there is almost no content--all bleeped out.  unlike many cooking shows, this one is for the home aka normal cook.  no wacky or expensive tools or ingredients, but he does utilize some new-to-me spices that are interesting and jazz up banal recipes.  like most professionals, he makes it look super easy and simple.  those i've tried so far are very good and fairly quick to prepare.  i flung 3 cookbooks so i've room to keep this one.  now back to quilting......   


  1. Oh, glad it didn't turn out to be more serious. That is interesting about this course. Good to know. I don't watch his reality shows--my kitchen has all the drama I need.
    Congrats on your win over at the Strawberry Patch!

  2. LOL! Gives new meaning to "cooking the books"! Thank heavens you discovered it before it burst into flames.

  3. We've all done that back burner/front burner miscalculation once or twice. I usually set a plastic bowl too close and boy does it ever stink!
    I looked at your strippin' piles from yesterday and lusted after the reproductions. They are so nice!