Sunday, April 7, 2013

early morning strippin'

on the to-do list today was to cut a stack of 1.5" strips for an upcoming swap.  experience has taught me NOT to commit to 10-12 packages, and this time it was 4.  so pulled out an elfa drawer and cut 40 strips 11 x 1.5" (bottom right).  and since the rotary cutter was warmed up, also cut a stack of repro strips for an inprocess project (bottom left), which left, obviously, leftovers of some short strips, inchies and then strings (top, left to right).   glad to say the trash can didn't get fed much at all from this task.  **** with this done, can go back to laptop tote and some hand quilting and it isn't even 9 AM good is that? 


  1. That is very well done, Grace!

  2. Had to enlarge the photo to get a better look at the repros. Love 'em!