Saturday, August 18, 2012

10 little...

packets of teeny, tiny HSTs all ready to go, so i guess friday night sew-in was a rousing success. also spent time on a kit i want to take with me on retreat.  i am vacillating between taking 3 or 4 projects to do.  one is a small project, so no problem getting that one to the flimsy stage.  the 2nd is the kit and i can probably get that one to a flimsy too.  the 3rd is the civil war diary, not sure how far i can get on that one.  i have another i want to start but probably won't have time for that one, save it for a later date, even though i'm tempted.  the hawaiian is also going with me for when i want to just sit and applique.  *** since it's past august 15th, can go and download the latest installment of "just takes 2" as once my kits are ready to go, i simply must go back to that.   


  1. Oh boy! I hope that I get to be swapped with your stuff 'cause it looks so yummy.

  2. You sure did get a lot done on FNSI. And it sounds like you're planning to get a lot done on your retreat too!