Tuesday, August 14, 2012

another finish!

just this morning while lounging at the beach, i finished the binding on this little piece.  this pattern is bonnie hunter's super fast pieced bow ties that i made with blue and cheddar and titled "blue cheese," added a narrow border, then some tiny HSTs and finally the striped border cut on the diagonal.  i really like how it turned out.  *** yes, today was our second day at the beach.  we lucked out and got 2 great days in a row.  with summer whizzing by, gotta take advantage of every good day.  not that i don't like the beach all the time, and often go during the winter as well, i can't always swim.  yesterday the water was nearly like bath water and this morning the weatherman said it was 70 degrees, which i don't doubt.  the only drawback is that warmer waters bring much more icky seaweed, but it's still nice to me anyway. **** on the sewing front, next up is another small piece to quilt before going back to bed-size pieces.  my swaps all got mailed on time, so now just wait until they get swapped out and i find a squishie in my mailbox of different fabrics. 


  1. This is wonderful, Grace! I love your blue cheese. Very nice finish

  2. Wow! It came out awesome, Grace, I just love what you did with it, especially those special binding stripes and all those pretty HST's.