Wednesday, June 13, 2012

quilting detour

though my quilting time is focused on the scrappy pinwheel, i took a short detour to this small piece yesterday.  it was service day for the car, 2 hours' worth, so i pulled this out and put it in the frame to take with me to pass the time and, hopefully, close in on a june finish.  in the time i was waiting, i got this nearly half quilted.  it's free form, no marking, and i can definitely finish this in june....the scrappy finish is iffy due to weather and warmth of working on the wool quilt batt.  **** since retreat is getting closer, i need to make up a couple of kits to take with me, in addition to the civil war diary quilt project.  **** i haven't worked on "just takes 2" for about a week now and in 2 days more blocks will be posted.  in a week filled with errands plus work, i've been hard pressed to find much sewing time at all.  between the car mechanic, doctor, dentist and a bit of grocery shopping, not to mention a few household chores, the old viking and little phoebe have been found wanting.  i hope that changes soon.

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  1. Your many hand quilted projects have helped inspire me. After a few years of no hand quilting, I put a little piece in a hoop and took it with me on a day of excursions for DH's b'day. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy it--and I got quite a bit done!
    Your piece looks great. I'm not brave enough to do the 1/4" quilting without marking.