Friday, June 15, 2012

today it's back to "just takes 2" and the somewhat large, 15.5" feathered star block.  riding high on my recent success with the wallhanging, i am going to forge ahead and tackle this smaller version.  i've chosen a dark brown with the muslin to give the section some balance.  more blocks get posted today and i can't even entertain the illusion of being anywhere caught up with this project.  i am seriously persevering on busting stash and i am getting things done, albeit in a rather lombard-street manner.  as i've said before, by working on several things at once, i tend to have a flurry of finishes at once also.  off to get dressed for the day and comingle with the old viking.  how good is that?

1 comment:

  1. Good luck on the star. I have only made one feathered star (just recently) and that was part of a class where we met 3 times with an instructor and were able to get help with any snags we may have hit. Don't know if I could have made the first one without that help. You, on the other hand, just forge ahead and make things happen. I admire that!