Thursday, May 17, 2012

new project idea

i've seen lots of project using this applique basket pattern all over blogland.  i did find the pattern in a book originally but hesitated to make a purchase for just this pattern.  i went googling and found the pattern online for free, so downloaded and reduced in size.  it'll make a delicious pattern for all my civil war fabrics.  it's a someday project and will make a good portable project as well.  ahh, soo many good ideas for all that lovely fabric!  ***** today?  day off and plans, of course.  and finally, a spell of sunny, warm days ahead.  hard to believe it is almost june, that most idyllic of months.  **** first today, though, is a sleeve and label to lop off another finish. 


  1. Grace...what are the letters on the basket for??

    1. not sure about the letters, probably go along with applique instructions

  2. That was my question, too! (Guess I could google "basket quilt blog"....)

  3. Looks like lots of applique to me, Grace! But if anyone can do it, you can! : )

  4. I have the book that this pattern is in, but it seems to me that an electronic version would be ideal. Where did you find the free pattern?

  5. please tell us where you found the pattern I would love to make one too.