Wednesday, May 16, 2012

whadda ya think?

went to joann's to get some polyester stuffing for a pincushion.  i couldn't believe i had absolutely NONE for this project.  they usually carry a small craft bag of stuffing but none in stock.  so, my only choice was this 2-pound, do you think i have enough for a pincushion here?  even though i did get it at half price, the problem (as always) is storing it in my already tight quarters.  i can't imagine how long it will take to use this up.  *** and today?  sew down the binding on the feathered star, sew on a label and a sleeve and call it done!


  1. After you are done making all your pincushions, take all the fiberfill and stuff it into a pillowcase and sew it shut. It will function as a spare (car?) pillow and it washes and dries in the regular machines. I did mine with a big hunk of remnant Walmart home decor fabric and it's great on the futon!

  2. LOL! Circa 1990 I bought a HUGE bag of fiberfill (25 lbs??) at BoSal Foam when it was on Route 1 (Saco? Biddeford?). Used some on needlepoint pillows. Moved the bag to North Dakota. Moved the bag to Illinois. Moved the bag to another house in Illinois. I FINALLY used it up in December, 2010....and I had to buy one of those 2 lb bags at Joann's to complete the project.