Saturday, December 15, 2012

plan b

these came home with me from retreat last october.  i had a pattern to make a donation quilt with squares on the diagonal.  turns out i didn't have the proper ruler and didn't really want to invest in another for one project.  since late october this has been taking up space on my ironing table (among other stuff).  so, today i got tired of looking at this pile of gorgeous batiks, chose another pattern and started the squares.  it's a basic floating 4-patch but the plum squares really set off the batiks.  it will have a plum border as well.  it's destination is bob's blankie brigade in new jersey and then to a deserving recipient.  this is a bali pop watermelon and the colors are luscious.  i almost never buy strips or charm squares, but the colors were too tempting.  with any luck, i'll have some scraps left over to hoard for a future project.  **** yesterday i did get more pieces cut for the hole in the barn door project, got more quilting done on the christmas scrappy, and sewed along with bonnie during quilt-cam time and her new little 301 baby last night!  **** up way too early but will probably go back for a few more zzzzzs before the day really starts. 

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